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By the Power of Grayskull… He-Manlet has a cast!

We present to you, the cast of The Tragedy of He-Manlet, Prince of Eternia

We cannot wait for you to see these fine Eternians in action at Stage 773 starting August 24th.

A huge thank you to everyone who auditioned for this adventure. We hope to see you all again!



Top Row:

Hannah Yeager as Teela / Cheetara / Sorceress

Christopher Woolsey as Ghost / Man-E-Faces / Stinkor

Neil O’Callaghan as Man-at-Arms / Lion-O / Merman

Center Row:

Alex B. Reynolds as Skeletor

Zach Decker as Adam

Allison Sword as Queen Marlena / The Oracle

Bottom Row:

Sean Harklerode as Fisto / Panthro / Trap Jaw

Emma Luttrell as Orko

Christopher Donaldson as Ram Man / Beastman

A New Hero Rises…

We are so happy to announce that The Incredible Hank has added a new hero to our roster! Derrick Ferguson will be taking over the role of Mirageo! We loved watching him during the audition process and we know you’ll love watching him too! I mean, just look at him. He was born to wear spandex and make grand entrances.

Derrick Ferguson




ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. Audition for “THE INCREDIBLE HANK” and become part of the New Millennium family! We are definitely not a cult!

Written & Directed by Alex B. Reynolds, this original script is full of laughs, pop-culture references, and ACTION.

“It’s 2017, and superheroes are everywhere. In the city of Sandicago, every superhero and supervillain is competing for their place in the saturated super market – all except for Hank. Hank would rather ignore his superpowers and work his normal job for the rest of his normal life. But when his office becomes the setting for a supervillain’s evil plan, Hank is dragged kicking and screaming into the super drama. Faced with pompous heroes, reckless villains, hapless cops and the hounding press, Hank reluctantly finds himself in the fight of his life – to stay normal.”

We would love to see new and familiar faces at our auditions for THE INCREDIBLE HANK! Here are the details, folks:

Rehearsals will run through March and April, with performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday matinees May 19, 2017 through June 25, 2017 with no performance on June 21 and added performance on May 24th at 8pm.


Audition Date: Tuesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 8th with Callbacks on Thursday, February 9th.
Audition Time: 7pm – 9pm
Audition Location: Sheil Park 3505 N Southport Ave Room E Chicago, IL 60657
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity

Pay: Stipend
Type/Restrictions: Open
Material To Prepare: Prepare 1-2 minute comedic monologue. Character actors, improvisers, and comedians encouraged!
Contact Info: Ali Keirn



Meet Victor


Meet Victor, our handsome gentleman who has come to ask Natalie for her hand in marriage in NMTC’s upcoming show The Proposal. He has cleaned up his act, is living a wealthy life, but deep down he is still that awkward, asthmatic kid from next door.

Victor is played by NMTC member Alex B. Reynolds.

About Alex:

Alex Reynolds was first introduced to New Millennium Theatre Company in 2008. He has appeared as Iggy Pop in “The David Bowie Hepzikat Funky Velvet Flarney Solstice Spectacular Live…From Space!”, Gygax the Destroyer in “Scott Janus: Monster Hunter,” and Sam Elliott in “Crazy For Swayze.” He wishes to thank his fellow NMTC members for all their love and support.

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