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Meet ‘Lo Pan’

Meet Lo Pan played by Dave Skvarla

A native of Chicago, Dave was recently seen in The Winter’s Tale (Promethean Theatre Ensemble), Fail/Safe (Strawdog), & played Prospero in The Tempest (City Lit). Other favorite shows are A Study in Scarlet (PTE), The Lion in Winter (Idle Muse), Under Milk Wood (Caffeine), Dirty Diamonds (Factory Theater), & playing Lenny in Of Mice & Men (OPFT). & many AbbieFests, Signal Ensemble, Backstage, Shaw Chicago, Mary-Arrchie, Defiant, Careening, & Open Eye.

Meet our ASM and Board Op!!!!

Meet our ASM and Board Op Omar Jahjah

Omar  is excited about working  on his 1st theatre production with NMTC. He graduated in May 2014 with his Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University. He is an avid runner who actively runs marathons and follows up by eating a good chicken “WANG”. He would like to thank NMTC for this wonderful opportunity and will see you all from the view above!

Meet our Props Master and Videographer!!

Meet our Props Master, Videographer and Company member Alex B. Reynolds

Alex Reynolds was born in Delaware, Ohio and has been doing theatre in Chicago for 7 years. His first appearance with New Millennium Theatre was in 2010 as Iggy Pop in “The David Bowie Hepzikat Funky Velvet Flarney Solstice Spectacular Live…From Space,” and he instantly recognized a brand of theatre that inspired him. Alex has appeared in several other NMTC productions (that require a tall, skinny man), and has also lent his talents as a videographer and gore specialist. He’s thrilled to make props for a Western and eternally grateful to NMTC for giving him the chance to build Gordy the Guardian.

Meet another one of our ‘Henchstitutes’

Meet another of our Henchstitutes played by Polley Cooney

This is Polley’s first show with New Millennium as well as her Chicago debut. Polley recently graduated from Oklahoma City University with a BA in Theatre Performance and a Children’s Theatre Minor.  Some of her favorite roles have been Ben Affleck in Matt and Ben, Pirate Ensemble in Treasure Island, Outlaw/Speed Understudy in Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Cat in the Hat in Suessical the Musical. Polley is also a certified Basic and Intermediate Actor Combatant with the Fight Directors of Canada (don’t mess with her). Polley would like to thank the cast of TBTTTLC for being fantastic, to Jessica and Meagan for the wonderful experience, Rachel, and of course her family for their constant support and love. Enjoy the show

Meet our ‘Henchstitute’

Meet one of our Henchstitutes played by Sharayah Kay

Sharayah Kay earned her BFA in Theatre from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Chicago over a year ago and has been loving every minute of it since! Except that thing called winter. Past Chicago credits include; Resurrected (Theatre- Hikes), Reporter (The Living News Project) and Go Dog Go! (Open Door Theatre Rep). She would like to thank her parents for enduring all of those crazy puppet shows and dress up characters she would play as a kid and for never saying that her dreams were stupid. Outside of acting Sharayah enjoys coaching her Speech and Debate team and dancing. She is very excited to be a part of this show and thrilled to share the fun with you.

Meet ‘Rain’

Meet Rain played by Viet Vy

It was a dark and dreary night in Hangzhou.  My brothers and I had completed the Kung-fu training that consumed our every waking hour. Feelings of accomplishment and pride came over me like a relentless flood. Then, abandonment…anxiety. Where would we go? The Temple of Elements was our home and the only life we knew. We wandered the shadows of alleys and pagodas aimlessly for years, searching for purpose. Then, in a flash of grandiosity…he appeared. He saw three scared and helpless super-ninjas that needed guidance. Our eternal lives were changed forever as we swore allegiance and unquestioning servitude for our new master…Lo Pan. In addition to a new path in life, he even bestowed us with new identities: Rain, Lightning, and Thunder, otherwise known as… The Three Storms.

Meet ‘Thunder’

Meet Thunder played by Ben Albovias

Ben Albovias: Executive Recruiter by day, Actor by night, occasional piano player on the weekends, Ben combines business with creativity.  Ben has been enjoying acting within the Chicago community and wants to thank his friends and family for all their support(for letting him be a nerd…it’s all in the reflexes)!

Meet ‘Lightning’

Meet Lightning played by Mike Movido

Mike is excited to be a part of such a fun show in The Big, The Trouble and The Little China. He is a Chicago area native and a proud alumnus of Marquette University. He is a graduate of the Music Improv Conservatory at the Second City Training Center and the pHarm House Music Program at pH Comedy Theater. He can currently be seen every Wednesday at Music Improv Night (MINt) at MCL Chicago with Dunder MINtflin. Recent credits include: The Indian Princess: An Operatic Comedy (Schlock Entertainment) and Don’t Pass Go!: A New Musical (pH Comedy Theater). Mike would like to thank his family and friends for their constant love and support.

Check out the set on this one!!



Here is a picture of our amazing set constructed by Logan Square Engineering.  These guys have worked very hard and we are excited to be working with them on this show.  To find out more about Logan Square Engineering, please visit


Meet ‘Miao Yin’

Meet Miao Yin played by Pearl Paramadilok

Pearl is ecstatic to be a part of New Millennium’s production of The Big, The Trouble and The Little China. She is a SAG-AFTRA eligible actress, born and raised in Chicago. Past credits include, My Asian Mom 2014 (A-Squared Theatre), MacSith (EDGE Theatre), They Died Where They Lied (Akvavit Theatre), A Midsumer Night’s Dream (Sankofa Theatre Company), Romeo VS. Juliet (Pretty/Windy Theatre Company), Bobby Corn and the Mystery of Da Nile (The Cornservatory), and Lettice and Loveage (Stage Center Theatre). Pearl has also been featured on an HTC commercial and was a print model for Coca-Cola. She is very grateful to the cast, crew, friends, and family for their patience & love.

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