The Princess Peach Conspiracy

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NMTC “1ups” itself in The Princess Peach Conspiracy, written by Megan Mackie. Join Mario, Luigi, Peach and the rest of the gang down the Warp Pipes and into post-wartime economies; resulting in double-dealings, desperate measures, and dubious romances. When the game is almost over, Princess Peach will do what she must to keep The Mushroom Kingdom and its people alive. Shady dealings—and puppets are indeed afoot in this re-imagining of the world of Super Mario Bros directed by NMTC Company Member, Joseph White.


Bowser Michael Owen Achenbach
Yoshi Sam Brown*
Princess Peach Ellen Domonkos*
Mario Sean Harklerode*
Princess Daisy Ali Keirn
Luigi Alex Reynolds
Toadsworth Adam “Roz” Rosowicz*


Playwright Megan Mackie
Director Joseph White*
Assistant Director Jessica Rae*
Producer Meagan Piccochi*
Stage Manager Lucy Shuh
Lighting Design Janette Bauer
Board Operation Rachel Hayes
Sound Design Meagan Piccochi*
Costume Designer Amber Kessler Freer
Puppet Designer Frank Sjodin
Prop Designer Sam Brown*
Set Designer Jesse Koontz
Photography Lauren Wessel
Fight Choreography Jared Dennis
Marketing Andria Emerick* and Laura Coleman*
Graphic Design Andria Emerick*
Illustrator Haeji Lee

* Denotes New Millennium Company Member

Parental Guide to The Princess Peach Conspiracy.

The show runs approximately one hour and twenty-two minutes with no intermission.

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