Silent Night of the Living Dead

New Millennium Theatre Company is stringing the lights, dusting off the decorations, and grabbing the nearest blunt instrument as it prepares for a new and improved production of its holiday classic Silent Night of the Living Dead.

It’s George Romero meets Rankin/Bass as Barbra Cooper heads home from college with her new boyfriend Ben to meet her family. And Mrs. Cooper will be DAMNED if something so small as a zombie apocalypse is going to get in the way of her perfect Cooper Family Christmas—even if she finds that half of her family has an insatiable craving for brains! It’s a race against the kitchen timer as the Zombies close in, threatening everyone’s Christmas cheer. What will become of Barbra’s family? Can Ben save Christmas?? What’s up with that giant talking snowman? Find out in New Millennium Theatre Company’s new favorite holiday tradition Silent Night of the Living Dead.


Barbra Andria Emerick*
Ben David Guy
Johnnie William Goff
Karen Samantha Corral
Mr. Cooper Donaldson
Mrs. Cooper Sara Wolfson
Tom Joseph H. White*
Judy Mal Marcus
George Sam Brown*

Zombies: Emily Lotspeich, Frank Sjodin, Susan Sjodin, Michelle Altman, Eliza Morales, Desiree Stypinski, Kayla Stypinski, Teddy Jimenez, Alex Reynolds

Video Segments:Adam “Roz” Rosowicz* as Duane, Ewan Russell as Little Boy, Donaldson, Chad Wise, Matthew Russell, Rachel Baez, Maria Burnham, Timothy Benson, Manny Colon, Jennifer Concepcion, Ashley Echevarria, Lisa Perlmuter, Mark Thompson, Katie Walsh


Director Sean Harklerode*
Writers Sean Harklerode* and Chad Wise
Producer Ellen Domonkos*
Stage Manager Rachel Hayes
Assistant Stage Manager Jessica Rae*
Lighting Design Sarah Johnsrude
Board Operation Chazz Malott
Sound Design Joseph White*
Costume Designer Jessica Rae*
Costume Assistant Ellen Domonkos*
Hair/Makeup Design Ellen Domonkos*
Hair/Makeup Assistant Jessica Rae*
Prop Design Meagan Piccochi*
Prop Construction Sam Brown*
Set Construction Adam “Roz” Rosowicz*
Photography Larissa Zageris & Pete Guither*
Fight Choreography Jared Dennis
Gore Specialist Alex Reynolds
Marketing Joseph H White* and Laura Coleman*
Graphic Design Andria Emerick*
Program Graphic Design Donaldson
Videography Keith Cermack
Trailer Alex Reynolds

* Denotes New Millennium Company Member

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