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Remember that devotion to pop culture we mentioned back there? Well, that’s one of our “ancient Chinese secrets” but our other secret is our team. We are who we are because of our people.

When you spend an evening with NMTC, expect a night of theatre unlike any you’ve ever experienced, regardless of the production form.



Managing Director


Alex B. Reynolds spent his childhood plastered to video games, sitcoms, Looney Tunes, and Nicktoons.


While studying Television at Columbia College, he produced a documentary about a subsidiary of New Millennium Theatre Company, The Flaming Dames Burlesque Troupe. Suddenly realizing theatre could be fun, he signed on as a “jack-of-all-trades” for the Dames, eventually becoming their Assistant Business Manager and writing their penultimate show, “The Exorcism of the Flaming Dames.” His first appearance with New Millennium was in 2010 as Iggy Pop in “The David Bowie Hepzikat Funky Velvet Flarney Solstice Spectacular Live…From Space,” and he fell deeper in love with the brand of theatre the company was producing. Alex has since appeared as Sam Elliott in “Crazy for Swayze: A Swazical,” Luigi in “The Princess Peach Conspiracy,” and has otherwise lent his talents as a videographer, props master, and gore specialist. In his role as managing director, he intends to further New Millennium’s mission to bring fun and engaging pop-culture parodies to new audiences, and to have the adventure of a lifetime doing it!

Geekological expertise: The Lord of the Rings, TV sitcoms, the 1990’s.



Co-Artistic Director


Jessica Rae Olsen originated from small-town Iowa (it’s not that bad) and grew up dreaming to one day be a star!


She studied Theater Performance and Art at the University of Northern Iowa. She has been a company member since 2011 and is an actor/singer/dancer at heart, performing from 2008-2011 in NMTC’s Burlesque Troupe, The Flaming Dames, and NMTC productions “Kill Viktor: Vol. 1 and 2” and their adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s “The Proposal,” among others. She has dedicated herself to working behind the scenes and on stage for New Millennium Theatre Company. She enjoys being a part of the many cogs and inner workings that make the New Millennium clock tick and feels truly blessed to be where she is today. She could not have done it alone and thanks all of her friends and family for their ongoing love and support every day.

Her Likes: Pickles, Gingers (anything Joss Whedon or Louis C.K. to be exact), David Tennant and curling up to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze on a sunny day

Dislikes: Robots (Cylons are ok…)

Geekological Expertise: Whedonverse, Doctor Who and explaining why robots are the root of all evil. It’s mostly all of the way true. Trust.


File_000-3Co-Artistic Director


Adam “Roz” Rosowicz is a ten plus year veteran of Chicago Theatre and New Millennium Theatre Company.


A graduate of Illinois State University School of Theatre, this card-carrying nerd and self-styled jack of all games has gone on to play numerous mystic, creepy roles in a plethora of productions. New Millennium was also host to Roz’s directorial debut with the wildly popular “Police Academy: Insurgency Emergency!” Roz has been a long time believer in New Millennium’s mission to bring pop/nerd culture theatre to a new audience and fervently believes that above all else theatre should be fun. After all, why else would they call them plays?

Geekological Expertise: Self Styled Jack of All Games and Cthulhu Cultist.



 Director of Development


Ali Keirn is a Gemini from North Carolina who enjoys short walks on the beach, laughter, and the choreography to “Thriller.”


Ali holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance with a Minor in Dance from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. There, she had the pleasure of getting to perform in such productions as Into the Woods (as Little Red Riding Hood) and Sweeney Todd (as Mrs. Lovett) . Ali has worked professionally in almost every facet of theatre – from touring Theatre For Young Audiences to Theme Park shows to Outdoor Drama and Dinner Theatre! She has choreographed for Tweetsie Railroad Wildwest Theme Park in North Carolina and The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville in California among other companies. In 2012, Ali relocated to the Windy City and made her stage debut as Michelle Tanner in Gorilla Tango Theatre’s premiere production of Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner, A Full House Musical. In the fall of 2013, she fell in love with New Millennium Theatre Company when she appeared in her first NMTC show, Crazy for Swayze: A Swayzical (as Susan, the dancer who touched herself too much). It was love at first awkward facial expression. She has also appeared in New Millennium shows Silent Night of the Living Dead (as the Candy Cane(d) Zombie), The Princess Peach Conspiracy (as Princess Daisy and Bill the Koopa), and The Big, The Trouble and The Little China (as Margot Litzenberger). Ali owes her thanks and smooth complexion to the woodland creatures and stuffed animals who join her in song to help make her bed every morning. And Alex and Daisy.

Geekological expertise: All things Disney, Michael Jackson choreography, Music Video choreography in general, Theme Parks.



Marketing Director


Sam Long was made a company member of NMTC after performing in NMTC shows; “The Big, The Trouble, and The Little China,” and “Old Hobbits Die Hard”


Sam is a proud SAG-AFTRA actress who received her BFA in Acting from Missouri State University. She’s been a Chicago resident since 2013. Sam was born and raised in small-town Missouri and likes to say she’s got the gumption to prove it. While she has spent a lot of her time on/off stage and screen, Sam also manages to squeeze in time for her other loves: traveling, baking, animals, (but not baking the animals), reading in large comfy chairs, collecting and selling vintage clothing, and watching all manner of science fiction series.

Geekological Expertise: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, Twin Peaks, Star Wars, Pokemon, Tabletop games, all things Lovecraftian, and also Star Wars.



Costume Designer

Amber Kessler Freer made her Chicago debut as a costume designer with New Millennium Theatre Company’s “The Princess Peach Conspiracy” and has been hooked on pop-culture theatre ever since.

Born in Indiana, raised in the expat community in Russia, she settled in Chicagoland in 2011 and began seeking out costuming opportunities in 2012. Since then, she has worked with several theatre companies in Chicago including Red Theater Chicago, Compass Creative Dramatics, Gorilla Tango Burlesque, Collaboraction, and American Demigods. She caught the theatre bug while working at the Huntington University Theatre Company costume shop in Huntington, Indiana, but has always loved making costumes and playing dress up. Because, you know, every day is a chance to play dress up.

Likes: Coffee, Firefly, Eiko, Languages

Dislikes: Cilantro

Geekological Expertise: A bit of a geek generalist, a geek of all trades, if you will.

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