About NMTC

Reared in the glowing warmth of Saturday Morning Cartoons and so many bowls of Fruity Pebbles…New Millennium Theatre Company has embarked on a mission…

nmtc“New Millennium Theatre Company was created to do plays that we, as theatregoing multi-media fans, wanted to see. The kind of productions that have never been done before.”

Our Mission Statement

New Millennium is a non-profit Chicago Theatre Company, producing a varied season which focuses on new or non traditional approaches to theatre. We create quality entertainment that attracts new audiences, including those who have been reluctant to attend traditional theatre offerings.  By appealing to this neglected demographic New Millennium builds and fosters an educational, social, and artistic environment.

Our Story

Reared in the glowing warmth of Saturday Morning Cartoons and so many bowls of Fruity Pebbles…New Millennium Theatre Company (NMTC) has embarked on a mission to dispel the notion that theatre has to be heavy and “life altering” in order to have a positive and memorable impact on the lives of today’s audiences. For over a decade, our not-for-profit theatre company has been producing late-night comedies, parodies, musicals, and burlesque. They are all the stuff of legend—receiving critical and audience acclaim for our unique style, direction, and near pathological devotion to pop culture. We have always prided ourselves for putting our own stamp on the local theatre scene, doing a lot with a little, and our pragmatic, yet idealistic approach to producing theatre that makes us uniquely “Chicago”.

We’re about making theatre accessible, relevant, and fun for a new generation of theatregoers while creating high quality productions that veteran fans of the stage enjoy as well. So, whether you’re young or old; a brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case or a criminal, NMTC has something for you!


We put “The Best” in Late-Night Theatre

Remember that devotion to pop culture we mentioned back there? Well, that’s our “ancient Chinese secret”. We infuse it in every project —television, film, dance, music, fashion—you name it. It’s what makes us unique and special snowflakes. When you spend an evening with NMTC, expect a night of theatre unlike any you’ve ever experienced, regardless of the production form (or genre).

We’re one of Chicago’s most active non-Equity theatre companies producing over 30 plays and revues since opening our itinerant doors in 1998. Musical parodies like Cubicle, Miyagi!, Evil Dead: The Musical, Boomstick, Manos: Rock Opera of Fate, and The Texas Chainsaw Musical have garnered national attention along with our non-musical stage plays such as Scooby Doo Mystery Theatre, Hack/Slash: Stagefright, Sin-Ta Claus City, Police Academy: Insurgency Emergency, Shakesploitation!, David Bowie’s Christmas Special 1977, Silent Night of the Living Dead, We Are Wyld Stallyns or How Bill and Ted Save the worldKill Viktor, The Princess Peach ConspiracyThe Big, The Trouble, and The Little China, Old Hobbits Die Hard, and The Incredible Hank.

Our vision for the future…comes along for the ride

For NMTC the ‘New Millennium’ is now. We’re currently running prime-time theater in one of Chicago’s greatest theatre hot-spots, The Royal George, where we plan to continue expanding our artistic vision. As we ambitiously move forward, we’re continuing to produce top quality theatre productions year round! We are dedicated to bringing you polished scripts, quality theatrical designs, but most importantly fun—and we need your help! We have big dreams of playing on elaborate sets with amazing technical aspects (laser shows, full scale rock orchestras, dragons..light sabers!!!!). With your incredible support, we can continue on the journey to make great theatre and secure the love of theatre in our community’s hearts…one geek at a time.


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