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Meet the Cast of Old Hobbits Die Hard!

New Millennium Theatre Company is thrilled to announce the cast of our upcoming production of Old Hobbits Die Hard!  Without further ado, they are:


Matt Morales as Bilbo Baggins

Felipe Carrasco as Frodo Baggins

Matt Russell as Peter Jackson

Sam Long as Tauriel

Eli Kurtz as Legolas

Emily Hawkins as Galadriel

Tom Pleviak as Gimli/Bango

Scott Myers as Azog

Amanda de la Guardia as Rosie/Fran

Alex Goodman as Argyle

Sharayah Kay as Phillipa

Kamron Palmer as Bingo/Ellis


Congratulations to our amazing cast! We cannot wait to start working with you all.

Again, we extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the talented actors who came out to audition for us!


Now we have a cast.  Ho ho ho.

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