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Meet ‘Thunder’

Meet Thunder played by Ben Albovias

Ben Albovias: Executive Recruiter by day, Actor by night, occasional piano player on the weekends, Ben combines business with creativity.  Ben has been enjoying acting within the Chicago community and wants to thank his friends and family for all their support(for letting him be a nerd…it’s all in the reflexes)!

Meet ‘Lightning’

Meet Lightning played by Mike Movido

Mike is excited to be a part of such a fun show in The Big, The Trouble and The Little China. He is a Chicago area native and a proud alumnus of Marquette University. He is a graduate of the Music Improv Conservatory at the Second City Training Center and the pHarm House Music Program at pH Comedy Theater. He can currently be seen every Wednesday at Music Improv Night (MINt) at MCL Chicago with Dunder MINtflin. Recent credits include: The Indian Princess: An Operatic Comedy (Schlock Entertainment) and Don’t Pass Go!: A New Musical (pH Comedy Theater). Mike would like to thank his family and friends for their constant love and support.

Check out the set on this one!!



Here is a picture of our amazing set constructed by Logan Square Engineering.  These guys have worked very hard and we are excited to be working with them on this show.  To find out more about Logan Square Engineering, please visit


Meet ‘Miao Yin’

Meet Miao Yin played by Pearl Paramadilok

Pearl is ecstatic to be a part of New Millennium’s production of The Big, The Trouble and The Little China. She is a SAG-AFTRA eligible actress, born and raised in Chicago. Past credits include, My Asian Mom 2014 (A-Squared Theatre), MacSith (EDGE Theatre), They Died Where They Lied (Akvavit Theatre), A Midsumer Night’s Dream (Sankofa Theatre Company), Romeo VS. Juliet (Pretty/Windy Theatre Company), Bobby Corn and the Mystery of Da Nile (The Cornservatory), and Lettice and Loveage (Stage Center Theatre). Pearl has also been featured on an HTC commercial and was a print model for Coca-Cola. She is very grateful to the cast, crew, friends, and family for their patience & love.

Meet ‘Ed Shensworth’

Meet Ed Shensworth played by company member Adam “Roz” Rosowicz.

This year marks Roz’s 10th year of doing shows with New Millennium Theatre Company. From his first show, Shakesploitation! wherein he played a creepy mystic kung fu mentor to Ninja Hamlet, to today where he plays a creepy mystic kung fu mentor/prospector, Roz has played a plethora of creepy, wheelchair-bound characters (often with mystic powers)  in over a dozen classic NMTC productions. By far his greatest achievement was portraying Torgo, the creepy, mystic caretaker in Manos: Rock Opera of Fate, who was, quote: “creepy, but at least not in a wheelchair.”

Meet ‘Margo Litzenberger’

Meet Margo Litzenberger played by NMTC company member Ali Keirn

Ali Keirn is a Gemini from North Carolina who enjoys short walks on the beach, laughter, and the choreography to “Thriller.”  Ali holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance with a Minor in Dance from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC.  There, she had the pleasure of getting to perform in such productions as Into the Woods (as Litte Red Riding Hood) and Sweeney Todd (as Mrs. Lovett) among othersAli has worked professionally in almost every facet of theatre since she graduated in 2007 – from touring Theatre For Young Audiences to Theme Park shows to Outdoor Drama and Dinner Theatre!  In 2012, Ali relocated to the Windy City and shortly thereafter found her artistic home with New Millennium.  She is thrilled to be a part of the cast of Big Trouble – her fourth appearance onstage with NMTC (!) – and she would like to thank Alex and Gordy, the best roommates a girl could hope for.

Meet ‘Gracie Law’

Meet Gracie Law played by Sam Long

Sam is a proud SAG-AFTRA actress who received her BFA in Acting from Missouri State University. She’s been a Chicago resident for 2 years.

Sam was born and raised in small-town Missouri and likes to say she’s got the gumption to prove it. While she has spent a lot of her time on/off stage and screen, Sam also manages to squeeze in time for her other loves: traveling, baking, animals, (but not baking the animals), reading in large comfy chairs, collecting and selling vintage clothing, and watching all manner of science fiction series. 

Meet ‘Wang Chi’

Meet Wang Chi played by Dwight Sora.


River Forest native Dwight Sora is excited to dive into his childhood fantasies of kung-fu and derring do as Wang. Past shows include The Three Musketeers (Lifeline Theatre), Family Devotions (Halcyon), The Ghost is Here (Vitalist), and 12 Angry Men (Raven). He is also a past ensemble member of Imagination Theater and Erasing the Distance, and spends his non-acting hours studying aikido (with the Chicago Aikido Club), as a husband (to the lovely Czerina Salud) and father (to baby Jack Sora).

Meet ‘Jack Burton’

Meet Jack Burton played by Tim C. Moan.

Tim is excited to be a part of New Millennium’s production The Big, The Trouble and The Little China, his fourth play since arriving in Chicago. Before coming to the Windy City he attended Harvard University, where he studied Psychology and Drama, and was a member of the varsity track & field team and the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club.  Past theater credits include Three Cat Production’s Holiday Stories and Genesis Theatrical Production’s Creation’s Birthday.


Gracie Law's Dress
Gracie Law’s Dress


Here are a few pictures of Gracie Law’s dress (played by Sam Long).   Amber needle tatted the neckline and the flowers on her skirt to create great detail!




Below, is Amber’s construction of The Three Storm’s hats. (Storms played by Mike Movido, Viet Vy and Ben Albovias)  Along with the hand made buttons are Kanzashi, which are hair ornaments made out of silk or other fabric. To the right is Margo Litzenberger’s (played by Ali Keirn) leather jacket.  Amber Kessler Freer is a costume wizard!!!

Kanzashi, Handmade buttons and Storm hats!!
Kanzashi, Handmade buttons and Storm hats!!
Margo's Jacket front
Margo’s Jacket front

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