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Upcycled Bob-omb

Our puppet designer Frank Sjodin is a big believer in upcycle and using up all your materials before going and buying more.  It is a very creative space to explore because it forces a person to think outside of the box and use innovative thinking to create the end result.  We love what he has done so far with the puppets for The Princess Peach Conspiracy.

Here is a perfect example of some of his masterful upcycling.  Below are pictures and video tutorials of the current puppet he is working on: The Bob-omb.

The Upcycle Materials:

Frank made good use of some knock-off tinker toys he found dumped in the alley last summer. The paint is leftover from past NMTC shows.  The stuffing in his feet are from pillows that company members donated because they were ready to be thrown away (lost their firmness). The paper mache is all trader joe’s bags, RedEyes, and old scripts from shows Frank and his wife have been in over the years but never thrown out (with a few old envelopes and duplicate shredded tax documents, too for good measure).  So far the only part of Bob-omb that won’t be recycled is the glue in his paper-mache paste.  Talk about crafty and earth friendly!!

The Pictures

photo-10 IMG_0041

The Video Tutorials

Part 1

Part 2


Princess Peach Costume Sneak Peek

Check out a few of the costume concept designs by our costume designer, Amber Kessler Freer, for The Princess Peach Conspiracy.  The costumes, while inspired by the video games, will be more rooted in reality to show the distinction between the idea in the show of “in game” and “out of game.”  Don’t you just love Amber’s Mushroom Kingdom Insignia design?


Amber is currently working on some samurai armor for a certain costume that shall currently remain a secret.  We are so excited!  Keep posted to see the progress on this portion of the show.

Let the Games Begin

Join us on our blog as we share our journey to bring “The Princess Peach Conspiracy” live to the stage.

We are so excited to add the element of puppetry to this show. Here are some sneak peek pictures from our fantastic Puppet Designer Frank Sjodin of some of his creations beginning to take form.


Princess Peach wants you!

tumblr_l9chg8rzWp1qbj9xwo1_500  This spring, we are bringing the video game world to the stage!  We are very excited about the innovative artists involved in bringing our spring show The Princess Peach Conspiracy to life.   But we still have a few positions we need to fill, and we would love for you to join us!  We are seeking talented artists to fill the following positions:

  • Illustrator: Your work will be featured in our promotional materials, including but not exclusively; posters, postcards and website graphics.
  • Photographer: In charge of taking promotional images as well as production shots.
  • Videographer: In charge of filming the production of “Princess Peach Conspiracy.”  Possibly film miscellaneous shots for promotional purposes.

If you are interested in joining this adventurous production team and want more information, please contact us at

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