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Re-vamped Silent Night of the Living Dead

Join us on Monday September 30th to watch the next show in our Script Incubator Series: the re-vamped Silent Night of The Living Dead. We will be holding a talkback afterwards, so you can have an opportunity to be directly involved in helping us mold and shape the perfect show for this 2013 holiday season. The best part is this event is free!

Monday Specials at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen: 
$.50  Miniburgers
$2  Pabst Blue Ribbons Pints
$3  Jameson Shots

Silent Night of the Living Dead
Silent Night of the Living Dead


New Millennium Theater Company is seeking actors of all types and ethnicities for it’s zombie Holiday show, Silent Night of the Living Dead and their Super Mario themed show, Princess Peach Conspiracy.

Auditions will take place at Sheil Park (3505 N. Southport) October 6th from 11am-2pm and October 7th from 7-8 pm

Callbacks for Princess Peach Conspiracy will be on October 7th 8-10pm

Callbacks for Silent Night of the Living Dead will be October 9th from 7-9pm

Time Commitment:
Silent Night of the Living Dead runs December 6th-29th, Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30pm and Sundays at 7pm at Studio BE

Princess Peach Conspiracy will runs April 4th-May 10th, prime-time Fridays and Saturdays.

Material To Prepare:
Please prepare a 90 second serio-comic monologue

Contact Info:
To set up an audition, email your headshot and resume to our Managing Director Ellen Domonkos White.Reply to Email:

If you aren’t a performer, but still want to get involved, please send your resume and portfolio to the above email address.  We would love to hear from you too.  Come make great pop-culture, geek-centric theatre with us!

Time Out Chicago reviews “Crazy for Swayze”

“At first sight, people might cock their head at Michael Sherwin and say, “I’m not sure how much he really looks like Patrick Swayze.” Those people are fools. Patrick Swayze isn’t a look, he’s a state of mind. To play the Swayz one must have a special mix of charisma and coolness, a certain ga-gung deep within his heart, and…okay fine, an upper body full of rippling muscles never hurt.  Michael Sherwin has all this in spades in New Millennium Theatre Company’s production of Crazy For Swayze: A Swayzical.”

-certified Swayze expert Brooke Allen at Time Out Chicago

Click here for the full review.

It’s Pretty Dark Out There, Dudes

Keanu Reeves recently stated that “There’s darkness out there that’s keeping it from happening…” in regards to a “Bill & Ted 3”. We have a suggestion, bring “We are Wyld Stallyns: Or How Bill and Ted Save the World” to the big screen. It was a most excellent adventure on the stage, and it’s sure to be rock the faces off of movie goers….in our humble opinions 🙂

Here is the AV Club article that discusses this darkness in more detail: “Dust. Wind. Dude.”


Coffee, black.

Black Coffee Swayze

-That guy at the end of the bar is fucking Dalton, man. He killed a guy once. Ripped his throat right out.
– What ya need, buddy?
Dalton – Coffee, black.

Dialogue from Roadhouse (1989) 

Picture featuring “Crazy for Swayze: A Swayzical” star Michael Sherwin

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