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Illustrations by Kiersten Essenpreis

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend off of work! Check out these great illustrations by Kiersten Essenpreis of some of our favorite pop-culture characters chillin’ on their days off.


NMTC is proud to announce their 15th Season

New Millennium Theatre Company Announces it’s 15th Season. Fulfills Chicago’s need for Swayze, Zombies and Video Games

Chicago, IL-

New Millennium Theatre Company is thrilled to announce its line up for the 2013-2014 (its 15th!) season. Fresh out of our new Incubator Program, two new shows and one modern classic will grace the NMTC docket this year.

NMTC kicks off the Fall with Crazy for Swayze: A Swayzical—an absolutely twisted tribute to one of the most loved and iconic leading men of the 1980’s and 90’s written by NMTC Company member Laura Coleman. Join Patrick Swayze as he fights (and dances) his way back into our hearts this September. Artistic Director Meagan Piccochi (Creator of We are Wyld Stallyns or How Bill and Ted Save the World) and Steven Attanasie (Creator ofThe David Bowie Christmas Special 1977 and making a triumphant return as a guest artist) will co-direct this twisted dance-spectacular.

This Christmas, join NMTC as we return to Barbra Cooper’s house for holiday dinner, where tensions run high, cooking times are tested, and zombies make unlikely table-fellows in Silent Night of the Living Dead, written and directed by NMTC company member Sean Harklerode. Ah, Christmas time, the time to open presents by the hearth, kiss under the mistletoe, and grab a blunt instrument to bash some zombie brains. NMTC is never one to break such great traditions so expect an even better version of the 2011 hit this December.

In the spring get ready to power up with the Princess Peach Conspiracy written by guest artist Megan Mackie and directed by NMTC company member Joseph H. White. It evokes all the political intrigue of Game of Thrones—except instead of Starks and Lannisters, we’ve got Mario Brothers and Koopas. Will Mario prevail or will the princess be in another castle? Princess Peach Conspiracy also marks NMTC’s first foray into the video game world. We’ve got our controllers plugged in and we’re ready to go.

All three shows were fostered through NMTC’s Incubator Program, which takes new scripts and develops them from concept to production in a hands-on, audience driven process.

Managing Director Ellen Domonkos White says “This season we are excited to unveil the first wave of new works from our script development process. Each script (including the re-working of Silent Night of the Living Dead) participated in our Script Incubator Sessions, where our fans and company members got an opportunity to see the script on its feet at staged readings and give the Playwright their feedback before we go into the full production. We added this step in the process to help ensure we are fully crafting these scripts into the best they can be. It was also a fun, collaborative effort getting everyone involved in helping make our season stand out.”Artistic Director Meagan Piccochi agrees, “We’re proud and excited to really take the time to nurture new workand see something grow from just an idea all the way to a full production. We want to give potential writers all the support we can so we can, in turn, give our audience great, original work they might not get to see otherwise.”

After 15 years NMTC is ready to aim for the head, press start, and have the time of our lives.

Our kind of classical music video

Our kind of classical music video!! This is the most involved of Cosplay Piano videos, but you should go check the other ones. They have a “Walking Dead,” “Batman” and “Superman” one too. Well played Sonya! We love it!

Congrats to Nick Cardiff

Congratulations to Nick Cardiff (aka Scott Janus: Monster Hunter) and the rest of the cast and crew of I Made America for winning the Austin TV Festival Pitch competition!

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