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Share your nerd-gasm moments with us

Who is still recovering from their awesome C2E2 weekend? Tell us all about it! Show us your favorite picture, your favorite addition to your collection….share your nerd-gasm moments with us!

Happy birthday Shakespeare!

In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, here is a blast from the past: our loving tribute to “Romeo & Juliet” from “Shakesploitation 2: Iambic Boogaloo”

Welcome Andria Emerick!

We promised good news, so here is some of it:

New Millennium Theatre Company is very proud to announce our newest company member, the multi-talented ANDRIA EMERICK!! Give her a warm welcome!!

(seen her as ‘Barbara’ in our “Silent Night of the Living Dead”)


Who likes Good News? Everyone?!

We had an exciting weekend of meetings: collaborating and planning awesomeness for you! We can’t wait to share all the news with you very soon!

Game of Thrones Gem

Our artistic director Meagan Dennis is a huge fan of “Game of Thrones” and posted this gem last week. We decided we had to share it with you.

Kudos to these great cosplayers

What does everyone think, is this as awesome as our lil B.B. in “Kill Viktor” and our zombie Karen in “Silent Night of the Living Dead”? We definitely do! Kudos to these great cosplayers!


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